Your Top FAQs Answered: Buying and Selling Homes Simultaneously

Managing the sale of your current property while purchasing a new one is a complex process within the real estate market. Juggling these dual transactions demands careful planning and a clear understanding of the unique challenges involved. In this guide, we’ll delve into common questions and key considerations when buying and selling a house simultaneously. Let’s explore the practical aspects and potential hurdles you might encounter during this dual-property transaction.

Is it possible to conduct a simultaneous sale and purchase of properties?

Yes, it’s possible to manage both transactions concurrently, allowing for the sale of your current property while purchasing a new one.

What are the challenges of buying and selling simultaneously?

Challenges may include aligning settlement dates, managing financial arrangements to bridge any gap between settlements, and dealing with unexpected delays in either transaction.

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Should I consider buying or selling first?

The best approach depends on individual circumstances. Selling first can provide financial clarity but might necessitate temporary accommodation. Buying first ensures a new home but may lead to holding two properties temporarily.

How can I manage the timing of both property transactions?

Coordinating settlement dates is essential. Options include

  • sale contracts with settlement contingencies,
  • negotiating longer settlement periods, or
  • arranging bridging finance to cover the transition period.

What is a settlement contingency in property sale?

A settlement contingency is a clause in the contract that makes the purchase of a new property contingent upon successfully selling your existing property within a specified timeframe.

What if I can’t sell my property in time to buy a new one?

Consider options like arranging bridging finance (a short-term loan) to cover the purchase until the sale is finalised or exploring temporary accommodation solutions.

Can I make an offer on a new property if my current property hasn’t sold yet?

Yes, you can make an offer, but it might be more appealing to sellers if you have a settlement contingency and demonstrate financial readiness.

How can a real estate agent assist in this process?

An experienced real estate agent can

  • provide guidance,
  • manage negotiations,
  • offer market insights, and
  • help align the timelines of both buying and selling transactions.


successful sale of house

Are there financial considerations when buying and selling simultaneously?

Yes, there are fees and taxes associated with property transactions, including;

  • stamp duty,
  • legal costs,
  • agent fees, and
  • potential capital gains tax implications.

What happens during the actual simultaneous settlement of properties?

Simultaneous settlement refers to both the sale of your current property and the purchase of the new property occurring on the same day, where funds from the sale are typically used towards the new purchase.


Consulting with real estate professionals, such as agents, conveyancers, or financial advisors, is recommended when navigating the complexities of buying and selling properties simultaneously. They can offer tailored advice based on local market conditions and specific circumstances. Contact your local friendly agents to get advice.


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