Selling Your Property Over the Christmas Holiday Season Part 2

In part one, we spoke about the advantages of selling your home over Christmas.

If you have been convinced, here are some tips to ensure your home looks its best over the festive season.

Christmas Decorations

It’s time to deck the halls and you don’t know if it’s a good idea? Well rest assured, it is a good idea to put up some decorations.

You can utilise the joy and cheer of the season to your advantage. However, do not overdo it. Whilst a tasteful touch of Christmas is great, too much and your home could look tacky and over-crowded.

Potential buyers could be put off if they can’t see past all the decorations and imagine themselves living in the home.

Choose a colour palette that goes with your décor, if in doubt use traditional colours.

If space is lacking choose a small tree that doesn’t dominate a room, or maybe forget a tree altogether and opt for a beautiful Christmas centrepiece on the table instead.

Avoid anything that makes a room looked cramped, so you might want to forego leaving gifts under the tree.

If you are having a tree then decorate it thoughtfully.

A wreath on the front door can be welcoming and a few well placed red candles can brighten the home.

When decorating think minimal, be objective and don’t detract from the features of your home.

Staging rules still apply

Whilst things tend to be more relaxed at Christmas time, you still need to remember potential buyers are harsh critics.

There is no point lovingly decorating your home only to have buyers put off by clutter or your personal style.

Remember the rules for staging a home to sell; declutter and depersonalise.

The key is to make sure buyers are not distracted by your personal taste but rather can see the potential of the home, and to imagine themselves living there.

Open Houses over Christmas

Having an open house over the Christmas period can be a real advantage.

Appearance is important but remember also to think about what you can do to make potential buyers feel welcome.

If you bake over Christmas then do a batch of something, the smell of biscuits or gingerbread will ll the house, giving an instant lift.

Alternatively, use some oils with scents associated with Christmas in a diffuser such as cinnamon, pine or clove.

In parts of Australia the Christmas season is often uncomfortably hot.

If it is a scorcher and you have air conditioning then have it on so people feel instant relief when they walk in.

Have something Christmas themed to offer guests like gingerbread, or even candy canes.

Giving potential buyers a dose of the Christmas spirit can enhance their mood, making them more likely to see your house as their potential home.

Utilised correctly, the elements of the festive season can be used to your advantage when selling a property. Remember to decorate with selling in mind and you may nd yourself starting the new year on a high.

To nd out how we can help sell your home over the holiday season or any other time, give our team of friendly sales professionals a call.

They are ready to help in any way possible and our entire team would like to wish you all the best – happy holidays!


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