Selling Your Property Over the Christmas Holiday Season Part 1

Traditionally, Christmas has been seen as one of the worst times of year to sell, with buyers seeing vendors as desperate or worse.

But the tide has turned and experts now agree there are advantages to selling your home over the festive season.

If you do it properly and stage your home correctly, you can, in fact, get a better price at this time of year.

There are quite a few distinct advantages to selling your home over Christmas.  If you are hesitant about selling, then let us convince you otherwise.

Less Competition

There are still less properties on the market during the festive season, which means your home will stand out.

This gives a unique selling point in your favour, which is that competition is high among buyers but low among sellers.

There are potentially more buyers wanting your home, which means a better price for you.

After Spring

After the wind down of the spring selling season, there are people who have sold their home seeking a new property.

Also, there will be buyers who missed out during spring.

Only one buyer can successfully purchase a house meaning there are always some, often many who are left disappointed.

These people are still browsing online, maybe not expecting to nd anything, who will be pleasantly surprised when your home pops up.

Traditional Appeal of the Season

The festive spirit can work in your favour when selling.

You can use the romantic elements of the season to attract and delight potential buyers, especially if your target is families.

What better way to attract attention than to have your home decked out for Christmas, smelling like gingerbread?

So work the angle as much as you can, without going overboard.

In part two we will discuss how best to decorate and stage your home over the festive season, to ensure the best result.

Buyers are available and keen

While we may think of Christmas as hectic, many people have time on their hands, which means more time for perusing online and visiting open houses.

Also, buyers who want to buy this time of year are often very decisive.

Many of us see the approach of a new year as a time to make positive changes and being in a new home for the start of a new year has a positive appeal for many.

Take advantage of the fact that buyers are eager to wrap up a sale quickly, and start their new year off in a new home.

General tips

Find a good local agent who will be contactable over the Christmas period and will respond to enquiries.

Make sure you obtain someone who will work just as hard for you over the Christmas period as they would any other time of year.

Ensure photos are taken before the Christmas decorations go up.

If by chance you don’t sell over the festive season, you don’t want photos that are dated by Christmas decorations.

Otherwise just go for it, as you can achieve a great result selling your home during the festive season.

To find out how we can help you over the holiday season or any other time, give our team of friendly sales professionals a call.

They are ready to help in any way possible and our entire team would like to wish you all the best – happy holidays!


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