Preparing Your Property to Sell in Spring Part 1 – The Inside

With Spring now here, it is the perfect time to think not only about selling your property, but how best to prepare and display your property to the greatest effect.

By taking a few simple steps you can ensure the inside of your property stands out from the crowd.

Bring Spring inside Your Property

Spring is associated with bright colours and freshness. Give your property a Spring makeover by adding towels, cushions and other linens in bright colours. It can be relatively inexpensive to buy some new towels or a couple of scatter cushions, yet the effect will be instantly uplifting.

Take the opportunity to air out your property, especially if you have had it closed up over Winter.

During inspections keep your property smelling fresh through aids such as fresh flowers or alternatively use an ultrasonic diffuser with some crisp citrus essential oils to evoke Spring.  Try and avoid artificial air fresheners if possible, as some people can be sensitive to the fragrances.

Steps to Making Sure All Is Clean

It may seem obvious but they call it Spring cleaning for a reason! It is the perfect time to give your property a once over. A clean, well-presented property will be instantly more attractive to potential buyers.

Walk through your property and check for any areas that may have been neglected over Winter. In kitchens and bathrooms make sure everything is spotless and shining. You may even want to think about changing some fittings for an easy, bright update.

Remember to clean windows and doors and don’t forget the blinds and curtains. Flooring too should be repaired if necessary and spotlessly clean.

It may be that your walls are beyond a good clean and may need a coat of paint. If it is something you can do, then consider re-painting in neutral tones.

Good Idea To Declutter

You may have heard the advice to declutter and de-personalise your property when selling and the reason is that it really can help! Rooms crowded with furniture and objects are instantly off- putting. Buyers want to be able to visualize themselves in the space, imagining how their taste and personalities could be incorporated.

So give them a clean canvas. Keep furniture and objects on display to a minimum. If you need to, then consider renting a storage unit for the duration of the sale for excess furniture and belongings.

Ensure all cupboards and wardrobes are neat and tidy. Some people will look and a mess can suggest that there isn’t enough space for everything.

What Repairs Need Doing?

Inspect your property from top to bottom and note anything that needs xing. Make those small repairs you have been putting off. Potential buyers may react negatively if they think repair work is required.


It is important to ensure your property appears welcoming, open and bright. If you can appeal to as many people as possible, chances are your property will sell quicker and for the best possible price.

If you are thinking of selling this Spring then talk to our team for more advice on how best to present your property.


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