Home sells for a great price in half the average time

The team at PRDNationwide in Wagga Wagga pride themselves on their extensive property and market research, making them the best choice for selling your home quickly. Recent sales have proven fruitful for all, as buyers seek affordable housing and vendors are selling their properties faster than the average and for excellent results.

Recently a home on O’Regan Street in Flowerdale sold in just 35 days which is a fraction of the 82 days which is currently the average time a property is on the market. After receiving four offers, the thrilled vendors received a great price, cementing the reputation of PRDNationwide Wagga Wagga as the leaders in the area.

“Quality marketing and using an agent who is the area specialist delivers maximum price in the market,” selling agent, Ryan Smith said.

This was an example of a well-maintained home in a great location providing excellent value for money for potential buyers. The three bedroom home had many attractive features including a large, versatile outdoor space. PRDNationwide Wagga Wagga understood what needed to be done in the current market to get the best exposure for such an ideal family home and geared their marketing accordingly.

“We used video marketing to capture a wider audience with social media,” Ryan said.

Along with making use of all available technology, PRDNationwide Wagga Wagga also have a research division which provides reliable property information allowing them to better serve their clients.

“We use our knowledge of market sizes, price structure, and buyer profiles to identify opportunities for clients and provide market knowledge that is unbiased, thorough and reliable,” said Principal, Simon Freemantle.

2017 has been a good year for Wagga Wagga with substantial commercial development bringing economic growth and job opportunities, meaning that there is demand for housing.  PRDNationwide Wagga Wagga are leading the field in delivering ideal homes to buyers, making them the best choice for those wishing to sell, as buyers are opening their eyes to the potential on offer in locations like Flowerdale where the recent sale indicates the growing understanding of what the area has to offer.

“Flowerdale offers very affordable housing in an unrecognised, highly owner occupied area,” Ryan said.

If you live in the area and are thinking of selling then contact one of the expert team at PRDNationwide Wagga Wagga. They have all the information you may need and the experience to give you the best results.


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