Why real estate in Wagga is set to explode

Why real estate in Wagga is set to explode

Real estate in Wagga has always been stable, with a considerable population working and living in the largest inland city in NSW. Real estate in Wagga is booming due to the residents who work there, as well as members of the RAAF and the Army, as well as university students attending Charles Sturt University. Work opportunities in building projects and the ever-increasing property landscape, coupled with rising housing prices have made the location much more desirable with real estate in Wagga selling high. The median house price sold at $410K in 2021, and the average rental price went for around $370 per week.

If you are looking for an investment opportunity, or maybe you want to move to a nice area to work and/or raise a family, then real estate in Wagga may be the best choice for you.

Great work and study opportunities

Real estate in Wagga presents many opportunities for the residents, one of these namely being work opportunities. Much of the work comes from building projects and the large military community and involvement in the area. Real estate in Wagga is perfect for any students who are looking to attend Charles Sturt University, one of the top-rated educational establishments in Australia. Students often need to make the move if they are opting for in-person learning, and the properties here make for a great living environment for them.

Growing value for investment

Because of the growing popularity and value of real estate in Wagga, investments present great opportunities for higher returns over time. Real estate in Wagga has seen a 9.3% increase in growth of property price since Q1 of 2021, proving that return for value is almost guaranteed here. With a vacancy rate of 0.8%, it rivals that of larger metro cities such as Sydney which sit at 3.4% vacancy. You can ensure your investment properties will always be filled with tenants, meaning you will always have an income on your investment. Furthermore, the amount of time a property stays on the market is slow, meaning you will be able to sell or rent your property within an acceptable time frame, every time. In 2021, houses sat on the market for an average of 67 days before sale, and rentals sitting for around 18 days. These statistics paint a picture of an easy choice for a market ripe with investment opportunity.

Escape from city living

Real estate in Wagga allows you to get away from city living. Many people have had it with large skyscrapers, the hustle and bustle of city life and a fast-paced environment. Some people want to slow it down, without going way too far out there. This location is the best spot for people to go to, as it is a happy medium between city life and rural living, a nice town where you can work and still relax and enjoy all the amenities modern living has to offer. If you are sick of the smoke, loud cars and noises and want to slow it down a bit while still enjoying normal living in the 21st century, then look into real estate in Wagga to make your move as soon as possible.

Real estate in Wagga is growing in popularity and comes with many benefits. Part of this is to do with the defence force presence which makes it a perfect spot for property investors due to a high guaranteed return on investment and consistent opportunities for tenants. It is also great for those looking to leave city life behind but still enjoy the modern world and living. The statistics don’t lie, with properties in this area providing a safe return and thus a safe investment opportunity for any would-be investor.

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