Why decluttering is so important to selling your home

When a prospective buyer walks through the door to your open home, they immediately begin to visualise their life in their potential new abode.

However, if too many of your personal belongings are still taking up space, the vision is quickly impaired.

Things you may consider decorative could be seen as clutter and too much furniture can make a space feel closed in.

Buyers look for storage and space that will accommodate their lifestyle.

Decluttering for the purpose of selling your home means the listing photos will attract more interested buyers into your home.

Having fewer personal items and furniture clogging up the space will allow potential buyers to envisage themselves moving in.

Taking small simple steps over the weeks leading up to selling can make all the difference in getting your desired sale price.

Presenting a clutter-free entryway sets the tone for the rest of the inspection. Picture: Shutterstock.

Clear the entry way

First impressions last, so presenting a clutter-free entryway sets the tone for the rest of the inspection.

Clear floor space and keep walls clean and clear by removing personal photos and art. Ensure narrow hallways aren’t taken over by furniture while larger hallways can look inviting with a simple slimline console table.


Walk around your home and remove anything that is personal to you. This might include photographs and ornaments on surfaces or walls. Ensure there is no rubbish or broken items lying around – keeping a minimal appearance is best.

Declutter the kitchen

We’ve all heard the term ‘kitchens sell homes’ so it’s important to present it at its best. Ensure benchtops are cleared of clutter and unessential appliances are stored away.

Buyers also love to open cupboards to check out the quality of the storage space, so take time to minimise and organise (especially the pantry).

Consider packing up some occasional crockery or bulky items that you can live without. If you are downsizing, this is a great opportunity to donate.

Consider packing up some occasional crockery or bulky items in preparation for your open home inspection. Picture: Shutterstock.

Free up space

Too much furniture can make a place feel much smaller so try to only keep essential furniture and anything that accentuates the room.

Storage cabinets, underbed storage, bookcases and laundry baskets are some of the things that can go out of sight for any open home.

Amplify storage

Remember whether you like it or not, buyers will be opening built-ins, checking out the linen closet and even under the stairs.

Remove as much as you can from these spaces as you really want to showcase these great built-in storage solutions. Use baskets and boxes to contain remaining items in a presentable organised way.

This article was written and originally appeared on realestateview.com.au



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