These simple updates will let your kid’s room grow with them

Kids really do grow up quickly, evolving constantly as the years seemingly whizz by. But in the midst of change, one thing remains constant – their bedrooms are always an important feature in their lives.

They provide a safe space for sleep and rest, a place to play and study, and serve as an outlet to reflect their personalities.

But as kids get older, their needs and tastes change. So, how can you update a bedroom space that will adapt and change with them?

Break it up

Liberty Interiors founder and interior decorator, Nicole Rosenberg says the first step is to tap into what your child needs as they develop.

“I always break up rooms into five-year increments,” she says.

Rosenberg suggests that children up to five years old need floor space in which to play and imagine, five to 10-year-olds need a table to play on and lots of storage, while 10 to 15-year-olds require a desk and/or somewhere to study, as well as a bigger bed.

Decorate the walls

In addition to functionality, style is an important consideration when updating kids’ bedrooms.

Eclectic Creative principal designer Jessica Viscarde suggests designing spaces that are age-appropriate, that kids can grow into, but still have fun in.

Some great ways to do this are by “using soft furnishings and temporary items such as paint colour choice, wall decals [and] removable wallpaper”, Viscarde says.

“Wall paint can create dramatic changes and is a relatively simple and cost-effective job you can do on a weekend,” she says, adding: “Colour is very personal and can also affect moods depending on a child’s age.”

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