Interior styling in elegant neutral tones

Keeping up with interior trends is busy work. Colour is creative and fun, bold shades certainly make a statement.

Turns out there’s an old favourite that remains a popular choice with home decorators as well as interior designers.

It’s neutral, because it’s nice and always in fashion.

Design specialist Christie Wood said about 20,000 people have completed the Beaumont Tiles What’s My Style quiz in the past year.

“The data shows more than half of the respondents lean towards the three lighter, neutral styles out of the top ten global interior design trends.”

In case you’re wondering, some of the global interior trends are modern, traditional, farmhouse and industrial as well as Mediterranean and vintage.

Ms Wood said Australian home makers are favouring safer styles such as traditional, coastal and Scandinavian when it comes to home decoration and renovation.

“Thanks to our warmer climate we are looking for openness and lighter spaces with these looks ticking the boxes for these requirements.”

Interestingly, the quiz highlighted the style preferences for different age groups. The 56-plus age group decided to forgo the modern look.

Traditional was a crowd pleaser. Home renovators aged 36 and under were more likely to go for Scandi-inspired interior design.

Ms Wood said some may see the prominence of traditional, coastal and Scandi styles by Australian homemakers as being safe, subdued, and conservative.

“But the good news is, these styles can easily be injected with a bit of fun and personality through the addition of colour, the use of decorative tiles, and the addition of soft furnishing,” Ms Wood said.

In the kitchen, try a pop of colour or contrasting pattern with your splash back, and add a bit of greenery to the space.

For the bathroom, choose from the Nood Co. range of basins. Exclusive to Beaumont Tiles and available in 14 colours.

Being bold through some choice additions, such as cushions, rugs and bath towels, can really make your space unique and personalise your new look.

Ready to renovate? Team-neutral has plenty to offer.

Wise investment

Renovating and refurbishing can be costly. Neutral tones create a timeless foundation to last throughout the years.

Add colourful whimsy as you wish. Mix and match to suit your mood. Buy accessories to suit your budget.

Let there be light

Pale neutrals such as ivory, cream and white can bounce and reflect natural light throughout your home.

Consider neutral-coloured walls in satin finish. It can reflect more light than matt-finish paint and some say it’s easier to wipe clean.

Calming colours

Soft and soothing, a neutral colour palette can bring a calming element to a hectic household.

Cool things down with a hint of serene green in décor, furniture and accessories. Delicate shades, such as sage, are still team-neutral and blend in perfectly.

Space surprise

Rooms can appear more spacious when walls are painted in neutral tones.

Consider painting walls and ceilings the same neutral colour to help create a seamless illusion of space.

Ceilings can look higher. Plus it’s easier, and it might even cost less.


The wow-factor in your soothing, calming neutral décor is that treasured piece that deserves its time in the spotlight.

A sculpture or life-sized statue. Perhaps it’s a tapestry from an overseas adventure, a hand-painted abstract from a favourite artist.

Show-off, and enjoy.


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