Team Talks | Introducing the team 2023

Stephanie Kleidon

Introducing Stephanie! First introducing herself whilst in her last year of school, Steph worked for a week at PRD as study placement, showing interest and enthusiasm she joined our recruitment night and within 6 months of client care, Steph is now an upcoming property manager!
With a love for italian food & modern family – Steph has become a unexpendable asset to the PRD team and we are stoked to have you here!

Olivia Bittar

Monday mantra, espresso martinis.
Introducing Olivia, our newest top gun in the sales department. Moving from Melbourne with a background in sales, Olivia’s making waves in the sales department already and is an invaluable asset to Ryan & Lily as well as the rest of the sales department!
She loves espresso martinis, hamster things and greys anatomy.

Elouise Larkin

Introducing our Native South Australian, Elouise! Working in the property management department Elouise is our leasing officer, having gone through the process of moving interestate she is well adept to help others transition smoothly between properties.
Her favourite meal is food and vegetables, she likes fake eyebrows and fitness.

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