Tips for Styling your Home!

Dark interior? Why not fake natural lights?

Here are some tips to lighten your home!
1. White reflects light, so keep to light walls and furniture.
2. Get “white” light good quality light-bulbs.
3. Spread your light sources with ceiling hanging lights, table lights, and floor lamps for balanced luminosity.
4. Use mirrors to make your rooms look bigger and to reflect even more light.
5. Choose low-lying furniture that doesn’t block any light.
6. Have plants, they evoke a feeling of being outside.
7. Have reflexive furniture, with shiny surfaces, such as glass tables, clear objects, or copper / metallic décor pieces.
8. Have minimal furniture if possible, the more you have, the more it blocks the light.

Décor mistakes to avoid:

Some styling mistakes can instantly cheapen your home. If you are looking to invest in your interior, you might keep this in mind:

1. Oversized furniture in a small space is a big no.
2. Cheap light fixtures. Light is the crowning highlight of your home, choose something elegant.
3. Too small rugs look like you didn’t want to pay the price.
4. Dated bathroom accessories. You want this room to feel clean and fresh so update regularly.
5. Following design trends. It’s easy to get swept into fads, but you want an interior that is based on your personal tastes.
6. Avoid expensive furniture. Save for that special investment piece that will last and give character to your room.



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