Preparing Your Home For Sale: Tips to Make a Good Impression

When preparing your home for sale, it’s important to make a good first impression on potential buyers. Here are some quick tips to get your home ready!

Inside your property

Fresh Paint

Give your walls a fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour to brighten up your home and make it easier for buyers to visualise themselves in the space.

Floor Coverings

Steam-clean carpeted areas to eliminate pet smells and minimise furniture to make the rooms appear larger. Consider revarnishing floorboards and tiles for added value.

Storage Areas

Declutter and reorganise storage areas such as kitchen cupboards and wardrobes to create a more spacious environment.


The furniture you have can affect the mood of the property. Consider hiring furniture to show off rooms to their best effect or temporarily removing large items.




The kitchen is an important factor for buyers. Make sure it is clean, spacious and functional.

Lounge and Media Rooms

Create an atmosphere that reflects the essence of your home in these rooms. Consider the style and location of your home to maximise their potential.


Ensure that the bathroom is sparkling clean, with neatly folded towels and personal touches.

Outside your property


Create an inviting entrance by cleaning and clearing pathways. Neaten edges, lawns, shrubbery, and eliminate weeds. Store toys and sporting equipment out of sight.


Paint and fix any cracked roof tiles to make a great first impression. Buyers perceive this as a costly renovation and will appreciate the effort.


Clean windows inside and out to improve the appearance and let more light into your home.




Use colour-matching systems to select a colour scheme that matches the style of your property and adds value instantly.


Declutter and organise your garage to give the impression that the property has been well-maintained.


Making a lasting impression on potential buyers is essential when selling your home. By following these tips and ensuring your property is in its best possible condition, you can increase your chances of achieving the best price for your home. Remember, every detail matters, from fresh paint to well-organised garages and clean windows.

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