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We recognised very early on, that Landlords want peace of mind that their asset is being well managed. They prefer the one person responsible for their property or properties, and they want that person to be available and reliable. That’s why our team have all had a good amount of life experience. Landlords are wanting maturity, energy, and enthusiasm, but above all they want someone who can relate to their own experiences. Someone they know who cares about the financial implications of having an investment property. Our team has 5 senior property managers, each who understands the importance of keeping arrears down, of finding qualified tenants as quickly as possible, who understand that a vacant property isn’t earning anything for our client. Our team has a leasing consultant, to ensure the tenancy process is smooth. We have a marketing team who provide our clients with the right exposure for their investment properties when the time comes. We are online, we are available, we are pushing the boundaries to get results for our landlords, because it is a large investment and it’s one we take very seriously at PRD.


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