Maintaining Beautiful Gardens This Spring

Maintaining the garden not only enhances your property’s appeal but also adds value and attracts quality tenants.

At PRD Wagga, we take pride in collaborating with our landlords and tenants to ensure the gardens of our investment properties are well-maintained throughout the seasons, especially during the vibrant spring and scorching summer months. We’ve initiated efforts to remind our tenants of garden care tips, emphasising the importance of nurturing these outdoor spaces. From your perspective as a diligent landlord, consider the following additional guidelines to preserve the lush beauty of your investment property’s garden:

 1. Professional Garden Maintenance

Consider hiring a professional gardener or landscaping service to maintain the garden regularly. They can help with mowing, pruning, weeding, and general upkeep. A well-kept garden sends a positive message to potential tenants, making your property more desirable.

2. Drought-Resistant Plants

Given Wagga Wagga’s variable climate, opt for drought-resistant plants and native species in your garden. These plants require less water and maintenance, saving you money and effort in the long run. Consider installing an efficient irrigation system to ensure your garden stays hydrated during dry spells.

3. Mulching

Mulching not only conserves moisture but also suppresses weeds and improves soil quality. Applying a layer of mulch to your garden beds can significantly reduce the need for weeding and watering while keeping the garden looking tidy.

4. Tenant Responsibilities

Clearly outline garden maintenance responsibilities in the tenancy agreement. Encourage tenants to care for the garden by providing basic gardening tools and offering guidance on its upkeep. With our regular inspections it can ensure compliance with these responsibilities.

5. Seasonal Pruning and Maintenance

Regular seasonal maintenance is crucial. Pruning shrubs and trees during the appropriate times of the year keeps the garden healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Schedule seasonal maintenance checks to address any issues promptly.

6. Professional Pest Control

Pest infestations can wreak havoc on your garden. Consider investing in professional pest control services to prevent or address any issues. Regular inspections can identify potential problems early, saving you from extensive damage.

7. Lawn Care

A lush green lawn enhances the overall look of your garden. Regularly mow and fertilise the lawn to maintain its health and vibrancy. If your property has an automatic sprinkler system, ensure it’s in good working condition to keep the lawn well-watered.

8. Encourage Tenant Engagement

Create an environment where tenants feel involved in the garden’s care. You can even provide incentives, such as allowing tenants to make minor improvements to the garden that align with your guidelines. Engaged tenants are more likely to contribute positively to your garden’s maintenance.

9. Professional Landscape Design

Consider professional landscape design to ensure your garden is not only attractive but also functional and low-maintenance. An expert can help you choose the right plants and design elements that require minimal care.

10. Regular Inspections

Lastly, conduct regular inspections of your property, inside and out. This allows you to assess the garden’s condition, identify issues, and address them promptly. It also provides an opportunity to reinforce your expectations with tenants.


By following these recommendations, you can keep your investment property’s garden looking its best in Wagga Wagga’s diverse climate. A well-maintained garden not only adds value to your property but also ensures your tenants enjoy a beautiful outdoor space to complement their living experience.


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