Debunking the Myths: A Guide to First Home Buyers

Congratulations! You’re embarking on the exciting journey of homeownership. But amidst the enthusiasm, it’s easy to encounter misinformation and common myths. To ensure a smooth sailing experience, let’s debunk some of the most prevalent ones:

Myth #1: A 20% deposit is mandatory.

While a 20% down payment eliminates lenders mortgage insurance (LMI), it shouldn’t deter you. Various government programs and lenders offer options for smaller deposits. Remember, every journey begins with a single step, and your financial journey starts with that first deposit.

Myth #2: Renting is always cheaper.


Get a preapproval

Consider the bigger picture. Rising rent costs, lack of equity building, and potential long-term savings through mortgage payments might paint a different picture. Do your due diligence, factor in hidden costs, and choose the option that aligns with your financial goals.

Myth #3: Waiting for the perfect market timing is key.

Predicting the property market is akin to chasing a unicorn. Focus on what you can control: your budget, needs, and long-term vision. The “perfect” moment might never arrive, so don’t let it hold you back.

Myth #4: Inspections are optional.


building inspections are a must before bidding at an auction

This is a crucial misstep! A building inspection can uncover hidden problems, potential safety hazards, and costly repairs lurking beneath the surface. Don’t skip this critical step – it could save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

Myth #5: “Renovator’s dream” are always a steal.

They can be but proceed with caution! Hidden renovations, unforeseen costs, and underestimated timelines can turn your dream home into a financial burden. Get professional assessments and factor in potential delays before diving into a fixer-upper project.

Myth #6: HELP Debt disqualifies you from loans.


student or hecs debt


Not at all! Lenders assess your overall financial health, not just isolated factors. While student debt might influence your borrowing power, it doesn’t automatically rule you out. Consult a mortgage broker for personalised guidance.


Homeownership is a personal journey. Don’t get swayed by myths or compare your situation to others. Conduct thorough research, seek professional advice, and trust your instincts. With the right information and a clear perspective, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the door to your dream home.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t be shy to negotiate! Whether it’s the price, settlement terms, or even inclusions, an informed and confident buyer can often secure better deals.

So, there you have it! With these myths dispelled, you’re equipped to navigate the exciting world of first-time home buying. Knowledge is power, so keep researching, stay informed, and most importantly, enjoy the journey towards your new home! Contact your local friendly agent to Buy Smarter today.


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