What Do Property Managers Look For In A Tenant?

The process of finding suitable tenants for your rental property can be time consuming and frustrating. A capable property manager, however, can handle all the grunt work. Choosing a property manager who understands how to find the best tenants is essential for timely rent payments, lower costs, and lower tenant turnover.

What Property Managers Look for In Tenants:

1. Consistency in rent payments

The timely payment of rent is one of the most crucial aspects of any tenancy, and it will be a significant part of the rental agreement your tenants will sign when they move in. A trustworthy tenant will always pay the rent on time, providing the landlord with a consistent source of income.

2. Accommodating & a good communicator

The cornerstones of PRD’s approach to providing first-rate property management are initiative and excellent communication. This is because we are conscious of the fact that these elements form the basis of enduring relationships and trust. A tenant who is open to communicating with us is a valuable asset in ensuring that your property is being taken care of properly.

3. Handles the property with care

Having a tenant who takes care of their home is essential for maintaining the value of your investment and your peace of mind. A good tenant will not only be careful in not damaging the property, but will also maintain it, be considerate of their neighbours, and will promptly report any issues to the property manager.

4. Commitment to a long stay

Long-term tenants are preferable since landlords can save time and money by not having to constantly search for new tenants. Taking good care of your tenants will increase the likelihood that they will stay in your rental home. Quick problem-solving, clear lines of communication and strong relationships with the landlord are key to tenant retention.



Many landlords will go to great lengths to avoid taking on an unpleasant tenant because of the added risk it poses to their investment property. If you want to attract and secure optimal tenants and maximise your return on investment, it is crucial to work with a competent property manager.

Get in touch with your local PRD office and let our experienced property managers find you a suitable tenant for your property.


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