Top tips to organise the family’s laundry tasks

“I have a washing hamper for colours, one for whites, and what I call a down-and-dirty bucket.”

– Anita Birges

A nation-wide survey has revealed an interesting insight into our laundry habits. Four loads per week is average, and one in three people use the sniff-test to decide wash, or wear once more.

The survey was conducted by Westinghouse to celebrate launching a new range of laundry appliances. Anita Birges, influencer and home organiser, has teamed with the appliance maker to share some suggestions for success.

“It’s the recruitment of the whole household that’s key. The same research found, in the division of domestic laundry labour, 66 per cent of women have significant responsibility.” Anita suggests a laundry schedule, outlining a time frame and delegation of tasks.


“I have a washing hamper for colours, one for whites and what I call a down-and-dirty bucket, that separates wet items such as damp tea towels. I personally never wash tea towels with my regular clothes.” Anita said.

It’s good to know, selected Westinghouse washing machines have a hygiene function that uses vapours to neutralise 99 per cent of common household allergens and bacteria.


Anita suggests allocating a specific time, so it doesn’t get out of control.

“Straight after the school run, or first thing on a Saturday morning. Wash bath towels every five to seven uses, and bathmats and sheets weekly.”


Line drying is eco-friendly, however some laundry items do better in the dryer.

“Especially towels that you want to go fluffy, rather than get that crunchy scorched sun feeling that comes with line drying.”


Anita said folding clothes as they come from the dryer will minimise crumpling and creasing, and reduce your ironing time.

Otherwise, consider delegating the folding to the the person who spends the most time out of the house.

“It’s not as time dependant as the rest of the process, like starting the wash.”

Packing away

If possible, have a basket in the laundry for each person. They can collect their clothes and pack them away.


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