Tips For Selling A House Over The Christmas Holidays

A common question we hear this time of year is whether it is a good idea to buy or take steps to sell your house before, during, or just after the Christmas season.

Experience has taught us that the holiday season may complicate things because you may not have as much time to explore or prepare for sale as you would at other time of the year. It doesn’t mean that the festive season is not an excellent a time to take on the property market. Listed below, you’ll discover some helpful tips about how to sell your home over the holidays.

4 Tips For Selling A House Over The Christmas Holidays

1. Focus On Creating An Inviting Presentation

Home staging is a common concern among those selling a house during December. Should you keep your holiday decorations up or not? People have varying opinions; some say that you should hide all signs of the holiday season and act as if it’s any other time of year, while others say that you should embrace the spirit of the season and decorate accordingly.

Our recommendation for you is the same as it is every other month: make an effort to showcase your property cleanly and stylishly. Prospective buyers should be able to envision themselves living in your house with ease.

2. Price It To Sell

A house that is reasonably priced relative to the market conditions will attract purchasers at any time of year.

3. Employ a Dedicated Real Estate Agent

PRD agents will always go the extra mile to ensure the sale of your house. Contact one of our friendly local agents who will be committed to your cause and won’t vanish during the holidays. Your stress level will decrease, and you will have more time to relax during your Christmas break.

4. Find Buyers Who Are Ready To Make A Purchase

The holidays are not the time to go house hunting unless you intend to buy. You and your real estate agent should market to those who are in a hurry to purchase. These could be buyers who are relocating for work, first time homeowners, and investors who want to achieve their yearly goals.


It is a myth to believe that the weeks leading up to Christmas is the worst possible time to sell your home. PRD agents will help you can take steps to ensure a less-stressful Christmas property. Take solace in the fact that holiday buyers tend to be more serious, and competition is lower because fewer homes are on the market.

Don’t wait until the new year to sell, contact us today to learn more about selling your house over the Christmas holidays.

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