Simple and affordable ways to freshen your interior

New tiles in a trending colour are an affordable way to freshen-up your summer kitchen. Picture supplied

With summer in full swing, many homemakers are looking for quick and easy renovation projects to refresh and rejuvenate.

Beaumont Tiles designer Christie Wood has some suggestions to help brighten key areas inside your home in readiness for family and guests.

“Focussing on refreshing a vanity or cleaning out the grout can be enough to energise the home for your well-being, and of course for family and friends.”

Spice the splashback

“Splashbacks are such an eye-catcher for the kitchen and are a sure way to add a bit of pizzazz. It is a sure-fire way to let your personality and style shine, and it’s even a DIY-friendly project.” Ms Wood said.

Square tiles in sage greens and soft blues can bring new life to an otherwise perfectly functional kitchen.

Large format stone or marble designs can also speak luxury in a big way, and require less maintenance because there is less grout.

Spruce the grout

Grout can often be overlooked, especially in humid weather, but it’s an important part of your tile ecosystem and can make a noticeable improvement to your room’s aesthetic.

“First, remove any dirt, sand or other debris with a soft bristle broom or brush. Then, use a pH-neutral cleaner with warm water and a microfibre mop or cloth for a low-toxic regime,” Ms Wood said.

If you need something with a bit of oomph, try using a mildly alkaline maintenance product that is specifically made for tiled surfaces.

Ask at your local hardware store, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

“You are guaranteed to have your grout lines sparkling in no time, with beautiful tiles ready to show-off to your summer guests.”

Vamp the vanity

Once your bathroom tiles and grout are all cleaned up, the next step is to have a look at freshening-up your vanity to something a little more modern.

“A refresh can be a great idea if the vanity looks a bit dated, is mouldy or just not large enough for storage.”

The Hunter vanity range from Beaumont Tiles is a great option. Available in freestanding and wall-hung styles, and with various colour shades.

“What I love about using this range, is that they come in all different shapes and sizes, so one is almost guaranteed to fit your bathroom, leaving your guests saying wow,” Ms Wood said.

More refreshment?

  • Create extra storage wherever possible. Under beds, in the attic, behind the kitchen kickboards. It helps make rooms feel open and bright.
  • Splurge on a tropical plant in a dazzling pot. Lavish it with love and reap the reward.
  • Swap dark furniture for light-coloured sofas and dining chairs. Ditto the rugs and cushions.
  • Update light fittings. Variety stores offer a wide range of trending items at affordable prices.
  • Paint the front door a vibrant shade of green. Glossy, of course.
  • Wash the windows. Seriously. It’s free, and it’s sure to bring a sparkle to every room.


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