Settling disputes VS arguing who is right ?

When any dispute is heard in a tenancy court/tribunal, a determination is made by a Registrar based solely on the objective facts. Their decision then becomes final.  Any avenues to appeal are generally both time-consuming and very costly. Therefore, it is often wise to mediate and discuss the matter before considering legal action.

This obviously will vary largely on a case by case basis, and can come down to something as simple as it being a matter of principle for one of the parties, rather than an exercise of maximising the financial outcome. It is never a clear cut decision towards the landlord or tenant.

However, as the saying goes ‘A large percentage of something is a lot better than a hundred percent of nothing’. If a dispute arises and an outcome is achieved prior to a hearing that is very close to acceptable, sometimes it is worth considering taking this and moving on, rather than risk a potentially reduced decision being made.

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