Preparing Your Property to Sell in Spring – Part 2 The Outside

Springtime is here and it is the perfect time to put your property on the market. After Winter, potential buyers are drawn out by the sun shining and you want them instantly attracted to your property. Here are a few tips to ensure your property’s exterior is prepared at it’s best.

Front yard

First impressions are very important. If the outside isn’t appealing people might think the inside has problems. The exterior of your property should look attractive and well maintained.

Ensure your front garden is well kept. In garden beds remove weeds and any dead growth and trim back plants.

Consider new mulch or other additions that can freshen things up. Springtime is all about colour and the bounty of nature so reflect this with a beautiful garden area.

Cleaning your driveway could be a smart move. Such a large area appearing spotless will make a big difference.

Check your letterbox is straight and clean. A small thing but it is indicative of the pride you take in your property. House numbers should be clean and easy to see.

A striking entrance

Your entrance area and doorway should appear spotless and be inviting. Clean or even re-paint the front door if required.

Make sure hardware is clean and sparkling. A welcome mat may seem trite but is an important small detail that can help make people feel at home in your property.

Think about placing some attractive pots with yellow flowers near the entrance. It has been suggested that yellow stimulates buying urges. Whether you believe that or not, bright colours are appealing and indicative of spring.

Don’t forget to clean exterior windows and ensure that any blinds or curtains are clean and neat.


In spring people are thinking about enjoying the sun. Potential buyers want to be able to picture themselves gardening or entertaining friends on the patio or deck. So ensure your backyard reflects this.

Just like the front garden, make sure the garden beds look appealing. Keep the lawns mowed. Clear all rubbish and make sure everything looks tidy.

Note anything that needs work. Be critical and view the property objectively. Does the exterior need a coat of paint or at least a clean? Are the gutters clear and undamaged? Do the walls or paths need any work?

Then see to the repairs if possible. Don’t have a potential buyer dismiss your property over a small problem that is simple to x.

Outside living space

If your property has a great outdoor entertaining space then play it up. This could be your greatest feature. Make sure outdoor furniture is clean and attractive.  Add some bright touches like throw cushions or candles. Create an outdoor space potential buyers will love and can see themselves enjoying.


Remember the goal is to make the outside of your house as appealing as possible. Ensuring your exterior is clean, functional and inviting will go a long way to help to secure a sale.

If you are thinking of selling this spring then contact our office for more advice.


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