Interior stylists are using feng shui to create home harmony

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese tradition of balancing Yin and Yang in our physical surroundings. Picture Shutterstock

Interior stylists are using a centuries-old philosophy to create harmony in the home environment.

Feng shui is the ancient Chinese tradition that balance Yin and Yang in our physical world.

Yin and Yang

Yin is described as a passive energy associated with earth, moon, water and shade. It is cool and dark, receptive and yielding, soft and accepting.

Yang is active energy associated with wind, sun, light, heat and dryness. It is described as assertive and penetrative, reactive and productive.

Interior stylists suggest we can balance Yin and Yang by representing the five elements found in the natural world.


Place a potted money plant in the south-eastern corner of your home. It’s a symbol of good fortune and brings earthy goodness inside. Natural crystal is perfect for apartment dwellers with limited space. Tiger’s eye is a beautiful golden-brown gemstone and a central position is the ideal spot to connect with Mother Earth.


A table-top water fountain is a simple and affordable way to harness the Yin element. Position it just inside the front entrance, which is traditionally a Yang space.

Go large, and build a pond near the pathway leading to the front door. Add nine goldfish to invite good luck and prosperity.


Yang energy from fire is achievable without a naked flame, and perhaps more practical.

Paint the front door Pantone Colour of the Year – Viva Magenta.

Use cushions and floor rugs to represent heat and warmth.

Fire is light, and a designer lamp with a ruby-red shade will satisfy the elements.


Feng shui followers say wood represents family and health. Balance the wood element using timber furniture and flooring. Potted bamboo can introduce a woody element. Some say the best position is the left-side corner of the room, when standing in the doorway.


Precision, clarity and decisiveness are considered the key benefits when metal elements are present in the home.

A well-placed wind chime might balance metal Yin with windy Yang.

Metal chairs, a metal-framed mirror, even a soft grey wallpaper counts as a metal element in a room.

Superstition or science?

Studies suggest feng shui principles originated some 4000 years ago.

Rooms were arranged to maximise airflow and doors were aligned to maximise solar gain.

Objects were carefully positioned to ensure even flow of energy from the elements.

Fundamental to feng shui is enhancing the quality of life.

It seeks harmony between humans, the structures we create and the environment we inhabit.

Superstition or science, feng shui is a styling trend that is back to the future and welcome to stay.


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