Important Things a Tenant Looks for in a Rental Property

For investment property owners in Wagga Realestate, attracting and retaining high quality tenants is essential. A tenant that pays their rent on time, respects the property and signs a long-term lease is the ultimate goal. At PRD, our property management team is highly regarded as the best in the business, and whether you have a house to lease out or if you’re looking for Wagga properties for rent, you can rely on our experience and expertise in the local rental market. If you currently own a rental property or if you’re looking to purchase a new property for the purpose of leasing it, below are a few factors that will help to attract more applicants and give your property the winning edge.

A Convenient Location

Location can have a big impact on the tenant you attract as well as the rent you can charge. Tenants generally look for a property that provides an easy commute to their workplace, is in walking distance to good schools and has easy access to supermarkets, restaurants, public transport, parks and sporting facilities. Great tenants prioritise their lifestyle quality, and will go the extra mile to secure a property in a neighbourhood they love by paying more or committing to looking after the property as their own.

Updated Details

It’s the little details that can help to secure a high quality tenant. Modern upgrades such as stainless steel appliances, new carpet and fresh window furnishings can go a long way in making applicants compete for your property. The more a place feels like home, the longer a tenant is likely to stay and the better they will care for it.

Usable Outdoor Space

A private backyard or balcony is an incredibly attractive asset and is a great way to set your property apart from the competition. The space doesn’t necessarily have to be large, but it must be functional. A clear place to set up a barbeque, table and chairs for outdoor dining and a green space to soak in some sunshine and fresh air will give you the best chance of finding an outstanding tenant.

Secure Parking

Rental properties with off-street parking are considerably more attractive than those without it, especially to families. Tenants like the peace of mind of knowing their car is safe and that they don’t have to drive around and around at the end of the day to find a parking spot.

Quality Air-Conditioning and Heating

Wagga certainly experiences all the weather elements, from extreme heat in summer to below zero temperatures in winter. It is absolutely essential to offer high quality heating and cooling – this will add to the appeal of your property and increase interest from potential high-calibre tenants.

Adequate Storage

It’s no secret that people love to be organised and today’s renters look for homes that allow them an abundance of space to store all of their belongings in an orderly fashion. Even in smaller properties, storage space shouldn’t be sacrificed. Wardrobes, shelving, cupboards and kitchen cabinetry can really make a difference to the practicality of a house. This might mean installing additional closets, creating an attic storage space or providing an extra outdoor storage shed. This will all help tenants create a more enjoyable living experience.

A Good Property Manager

Having good rapport with the landlord and/or manager of the property is one of the top priorities for excellent tenants. A good relationship is the foundation for a high level of trust and communication. And trust and communication are two of the most important elements of having a stress-free and successful lease from all parties involved. Tenants will have the confidence that if they encounter any issues or need any repairs they will be taken care of promptly and efficiently, and landlords will have the peace of mind that their property is in good hands.

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