Government Bond Loans in NSW (Rental Help)

From the Desk of the Chief Economist

The Australian rental market can be a challenging landscape to navigate, particularly due to recent supply shortages and price increases. Below is the NSW breakdown of current available Government Bond Loans that are available to those who require assistance.


New South Wales

Rentstart Bond Loan – NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) operates Rentstart. It provides financial assistance for eligible clients to help them set up or maintain a tenancy in the private rental market. Clients may be able to be assisted with a loan of up to 100% of their rental bond. The loan is interest-free and repayable to DCJ Housing. Any payments you make can be returned to you at the end of the tenancy if there is no claim made by the landlord or real estate agent.

You are eligible if:


  • You are eligible for social housing
  • You have less than $3000 in cash assets
  • You are able to sustain a tenancy in the private rental market
  • Rent for the property you wish to rent is not more than 50% of your household’s total gross weekly income. For example, if your household’s total gross weekly income is $500, to be eligible for a Rentstart Bond Loan, the weekly rent must be $250 or less


Rentstart also provides further financial assistance in the rental market to set up and maintain tenancy through:


  • Advance Rent – already have Rentstart bond loan but find it difficult meeting tenancy setup costs
  • Rentstart Move – for those that want assistance leaving public housing or are no longer eligible for it
  • Tenancy Assistance – once-off payment to help clients who have fallen into arrears with rent/water bills
  • Temporary Accommodation – short term measure to provide accommodation for homeless clients


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