5 Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out in a Bustling Spring Market

5 Tips to Make Your Property Stand Out in a Bustling Spring Market

Spring is around the corner, and with it comes real estate’s most competitive time of year. The days are longer, and everything looks terrific beneath a cloudless sky. Gardens are brimming with flowers, and buyers are more motivated as the winter chill recedes. So it’s quite a favourable time to be a seller, but remember that each seller thinks the same. So as buyers have increased opportunities, there comes a need for your property to stand out above the rest. We have five tips to make your property shine in a bustling market.

When In Doubt, An Agent Will Help Out

Establishing what buyers are looking for is a significant first step. This lets you spotlight what they’re looking for and allows you to maximise your property’s perception. An agent with local knowledge will have little trouble providing you with insight into both the market and what particulars buyers prefer. An honest opinion from an experienced professional can determine whether you should renovate your kitchen or simply repaint. At PRD Wagga, our residential team boasts years of experience with decades of local knowledge. Sell Smarter with PRD Wagga Wagga.


“Spring” Cleaning

Spring cleaning comes with the name’s sake, but it is no less important! First impressions in a competitive market help you stand out above your neighbours. A deep clean of your house is the bare minimum; this is not just the inside of your home. A well-manicured garden assists your street appeal; embrace the revitalised greens of spring in full swing. Last but not least, make your house memorable with an aromatic finish. Locking the house down in winter tends to lock in months’ worth of scents. So open those windows and get some candles going; comfort is key. At PRD Wagga, we deal with several go-to-market cleaning services that specialise in achieving that selling sparkle; get in contact with our team at PRD Wagga for an obligation-free appraisal and consultation.

Dress To Impress

Now that you’ve gone to the effort of making your house shine, it’s time to turn to style. Spring brings vibrancy, so styling your house with pops of colour can help draw the eye and make your home more memorable. Bear in mind that you need not do this yourself. If you feel you lack the eye for design, you can always have your property professionally staged. Real estate staging is quite common, especially leading into our next tip. However, physical staging and hefting furniture around is not the only option. As the world embraces the digital lifestyle, so too does the professional property staging industry. At PRD Penrith, we consult with many digital staging professionals, helping to make your property look the best it can be without the burden of rearranging.

Picture Perfect

In the modern world, imagery is everything. Photos of your property are the buyer’s first impressions. As the majority market shifts to looking at real estate online, photos now mean more than ever. Images are foremost; a buyer will read the text and reports after. Now that we have this in mind, professional photography is more than necessary. Photography in a mile-a-minute society can be the difference between you standing above your competition, and though it can be expensive, you will see results. PRD Penrith engages property photography professionals on a regular basis and can facilitate the process to ease your selling experience.

Clear Your Calendar

Everyone’s work/life schedule differs, so inspections can become a mammoth task. Flexibility as a seller can be the difference between choice and selling power. Allowing a prospective buyer to view your property at any time will create the potential for multiple offers, allotting you with choice. As selling and buying are long-term investments, short-term flexibility is well worth it.

Stand out in your community: spring clean, tidy the gardens, style memorability, capture the moment to catch the eye, be flexible and most importantly, consult a real estate expert. Don’t fall to the bottom of buyers’ piles; get the help of a local expert with local knowledge. Sell Smarter with PRD Wagga.



This post originally appeared on prd.com.au.


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