2023 Market & Trends for Real Estate in Wagga Wagga’s Countryside

Nestled along the beautiful Murrumbidgee River, the countryside surrounding Wagga Wagga is an alluring mix of natural splendour and community spirit. In recent years, this area has emerged as a hotspot for real estate, making it the ideal place for prospective homeowners to live.

Let’s dive into the current real estate in Wagga Wagga markets and trends, and explore why this area is becoming increasingly popular.

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A Snapshot of the Property Market

The real estate market in the countryside of Wagga Wagga is gaining momentum. With a median property price of around AUD 650,000, it is attracting both investors and first-time homebuyers. This charming region is experiencing a real estate boom that is hard to ignore, with the median price across the Wagga Wagga CBD rising up to 15% in the past year.

Some suburbs in the region such as Ashmont increased up to 60% in the past year, showing the skyrocketing popularity of Wagga Wagga homes.

Demand Skyrockets as Supply Tightens

One of the defining characteristics of the real estate market in Wagga Wagga’s countryside right now is the soaring demand. This spike in interest has led to a somewhat constrained supply, causing property prices to rise.

Why is Wagga Wagga’s Countryside So Desirable?

It’s not hard to see why people are relocating to this picturesque locale. From the breathtaking landscapes to their strong sense of community, the countryside of Wagga Wagga has it all.

A Breather from City Life

For many, the allure lies in escaping the hustle and bustle. The serene countryside provides an ideal setting for those seeking tranquillity and space.

Investment Opportunities

Astute investors have recognized the potential of the Wagga Wagga real estate market. With property prices on the rise, many are seizing the opportunity to invest in a burgeoning market.

Property Types on the Rise

As demand grows, so does the diversity of available properties. From spacious family homes to charming cottages, there’s something for everyone.

Family Homes

The area is increasingly popular among families looking for a peaceful environment. The availability of sizeable plots is an attractive feature for those wanting room to grow.

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Rural Properties

For those looking to embrace country living fully, rural properties with ample land are in high demand. We have available an array of land in Wagga Wagga to buy such as this 955m2 block of land valued at AUD 60,000.

Commercial and Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure development is another significant factor contributing to the area’s growth. Enhanced road networks and public facilities have made living in Wagga Wagga more convenient than ever.

We offer a wide selection of commercial properties in Wagga Wagga available for sale including this previously owned Arcade Centre.

Education and Community

The presence of reputable schools and a thriving community make this area a great place for families. The sense of belonging and camaraderie among the residents is palpable.

Nature and the Outdoors

The Murrumbidgee River and surrounding natural beauty make the countryside a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether it’s hiking, fishing, or simply enjoying a picnic by the river, the options are plentiful.

Future Trends

Market analysts expect the real estate Wagga Wagga market to continue thriving. The combination of natural allure, community spirit, and investment potential is likely to sustain demand.

Wagga Wagga, The Perfect Home Away from the Hustle and Bustle

Wagga Wagga’s countryside is unmistakably emerging as a prized destination for real estate. With its captivating natural beauty, robust community, and plethora of property types, it is an attractive prospect for both investors and homebuyers.


The ongoing infrastructure developments and the tight-knit community further add to the area’s appeal. The current trends suggest that Wagga Wagga’s countryside is a destination rising up in the real estate world.


At PRD Wagga, we’re here to help you find the perfect home to call your own. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about the properties on offer in Wagga Wagga’s countryside.


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