Wouldn’t it be nice to get home and the lights are dimmed, the heater’s on, the TVs set up on Netflix to continue watching the binge-series of the week and the blinds are down?

Well, it’s 2021, it’s time to automate your home. These tech tips are energy efficient, if installed properly they increase value to your home and it’s just plain good-lazy.

Google Home

So this is the hub of operation, you would of heard of Alexa, Siri and 'Hey Google' by now if you have anything smart - these are the hubs of the main events that happen. Integration and compatibiltiy are two big words you need to remember - Iphone likes Apple products but also speaks to Google, whereas Android (Samsung and the rest) don't speak to Apple. So I'm bias, I use an Iphone but run the hub off a Google Home Mini. The mini acts as a speaker in each room (I have three) and takes all commands whilst talking to an app on your phone. The Google Home does need a wireless connection to work, it is super easy to setup. These little speakers can have a huge impact in everyday life, you can set reminders, calender notes, alarms, shopping lists, buy things on amazon / ebay, all voice automated from this $50 gadget.


Philips hue bulbs. These replace any standard lightbulb in any room, they are multi-colored, dimmable, voice activated led bulbs that last forevverrrrrr. These connect easily to your Google Hub once setup and the application allows you to set scenes based on geolocation, time of the day, what season it is - kind of everything. For example, you could set up the lights to turn off at 9:15 if you worked 9-5, and turn back on at 5:30 when you walk in the door, or use your phone to manage the power dependant on how close you are to home.

Automated Blinds

Probably the most expensive gadget in the list but certainly very cool. Apollo blinds offers motorised roller blinds for your home! These MaxiSmart motors fit into your existing, venetian / roller blinds and offer complete automation through the house. Opening when the light hits them to closing for privacy at night these all are integrated with the google home, so closing up the house for a holiday / work became alot easier. These can be hard-wired or on battery so you can leave them at the house as selling point when the time comes, or take them with you!