Recognising Excellence: PRD’s Annual Awards Spotlight Industry Leaders

The PRD Annual Awards Gala took place last Sunday evening, 17th March, at the spectacular Brisbane City Hall in Brisbane, which was adorned in PRD red for the evening. The dazzling event not only celebrated the top achievers in the PRD network for the year of 2023, but was also the successful conclusion of the PRD Leadership Summit for Principal’s held at The Gabba Stadium on Friday 16th March and the jam-packed 2-Day PRD Conference for Salespeople and Property Managers alike, held at the Brisbane Entertainment and Exhibition Centre.

The Awards Gala saw the prestigious #1 ‘Sales Office of the Year Award’ was snapped up by first-time recipients PRD Burleigh Heads, led by Principal’s Adam Van Leeuwen, Braiden Smith and John Fischer.

Top Sales Office Principal’s, Adam Van Leeuwen, Braiden Smith and John Fischer

Pictured above, #1 Top Sales Office Principal’s, Adam Van Leeuwen, Braiden Smith and John Fischer.

PRD Port Stephens Principal, Dane Queenan, accepted the esteemed award for #1 ‘Top Selling Principal’. This was Dane’s second consecutive year receiving this prestigious title. ​

“I would like to express my gratitude to my exceptional team, whose contributions have been indispensable for us to achieve this result. Additionally, I am deeply thankful to my wife Carla, whose understanding and support has enabled me to dedicate the necessary time to reach this achievement for the second year in a row. My sincere appreciation also extends to our General Manager, Philippa Brooks, for her outstanding leadership. Lastly, I am grateful to the corporate team for their support,”

He stated. Dane concluded his acceptance speech leading the room to join him in reciting his widely used quote in the network from his acceptance speech last year:

“PRD isn’t a franchise, it’s a family.”


#1 Top Principal, Dane Queenan from PRD Port Stephens.

Pictured above, #1 Top Principal, Dane Queenan from PRD Port Stephens.

The coveted #1 ‘Top Salesperson’ achievement was awarded to Cathy Cattell from PRD Hunter Valley. This was Cathy’s second consecutive year winning the title, an achievement that Cathy reflected on in her speech.

“I’m sure mostly everyone can agree that 2023 was a tough year. My team had big goals and were unsure if we were going to be able to reach them, but things picked up and we were able to power through to achieve this great result for the second consecutive year. I am thankful to my amazing team who have worked tirelessly and am grateful for the support from Luke Anderson (PRD Hunter Valley Principal) as well as the PRD Corporate Team. It’s great to be a part of such a wonderful brand.” said Cathy.


#1 Top Salesperson, Cathy Cattell from PRD Hunter Valley

Pictured above, #1 Top Salesperson, Cathy Cattell from PRD Hunter Valley.

PRD Managing Director, Todd Hadley commented “on behalf of the entire leadership team, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to all the award recipients within the PRD network. This recognition is a testament to your exceptional dedication, drive and expertise. Your achievements not only reflect your personal commitment but also highlight the collective strength and excellence of the PRD network and brand”.

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