Why you should hire someone to help you declutter

What if you just don’t have that natural born gene to be able to get through all the clutter, but you desperately what that organised home you’ve been longing for? There are times in our lives when we realise we can’t do everything ourselves and maybe we need to reach out and ask someone to help. There are many reasons why we get a little overwhelmed in our homes – it could be after the birth of a baby, a new home, a stressful job or the death of a loved one. It could be that you just don’t know where to start…

This is where we recommend you should hire someone to help you declutter. Like a professional organiser. Someone who can come in to your home and show you the way. They don’t have to take over your home entirely, maybe just help nudge you in the right direction – give you a plan of attack.

You will regain control

  • Most people cannot afford to hire someone to organise their entire home in one go so find someone who will work on an hourly rate. Hire them just for a few hours to take them on a tour of your home and and get a feel for what they can help you with.
  • Tell the organiser what you want to achieve, and they will be able to define those goals more clearly for you – they are an outsider looking in, so their view will be impartial.
  • Pick individual projects to focus on. Don’t ask the organiser to sort your entire home in one go because that’s overwhelming for both of you. Ask them to help you tackle one specific area at a time. Maybe it’s the kitchen to start with. Once you’ve used a professional organiser once you may find yourself motivated to continue with the rest of your house on your own.
  • They will give you expert advice on how to minimise clutter and will provide strategies for immediate implementation.
  • They can then either go away and formulate a personalised plan with step-by-step instructions for you to complete or come back and assist you personally in achieving your goals.

Most importantly, they know how to give you a plan of attack and can get you started!

Clutter creates obstacles and change is impossible without direction.

Getting someone in to help can free you of the chaos and stress around you – it can be life changing. Everyone’s home is different, and each room needs its own personalised plan. A professional organiser knows how to effectively communicate this to you. They can help you create simple systems that will allow you to get on with more important things in your life.

If clutter and chaos is getting in your way and holding you back, then we highly recommend you seek out someone who can help you get things back on track and sorted once and for all! You’ll be able to stop wasting time searching for lost items and get your frustration under control.

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