Where to add power points in your home

If you’re building or renovating then at some point you’ll face the drama of sorting out where your power points should go. It’s something you want to get right because adding/changing them later isn’t easy. Electricity is one of the things most people in the modern world can’t live without. If we aren’t powering our TVs or computers for entertainment, we’re keeping our food cold or washing our dishes or making a coffee with some sort of appliance connected to the power – most of the time we’re doing all of that and more at once. On top of that we’re making sure our phones, tablets, and laptops are constantly charged!

This all means one thing: we need power points. We always need more than we think we do too. It’s safer to have more outlets in a room than running extension leads or using double adaptors all over the place. Spending the extra money on power points while you’re building or renovating will make it easier in the long run for powering your house. It helps to have a list of all the places that you want a power point installed when you go into a build or renovation – but where are all those places?

Here’s a list of all the places you might want a power point…


  • Hall lamp position (on a console or floor)
  • Vacuum point

TV/living rooms

  • Think about the position of your tv (is it up high?)
  • Any gaming devices like PlayStation or Foxtel boxes
  • Lamp positions
  • Christmas Tree


  • Back porch/deck
  • Up high for mounted tv
  • Several near the eaves for Christmas lights (with switch).
  • Exterior of garage (for washing/cleaning tiles or paths with a pressure washer)


  • Side of island bench
  • Back of splashback (or even up under your wall mounted cabinets)
  • Charger area for phones
  • Dishwasher/fridge


  • Deep freezer? Or fridge?
  • Microwave/jug/toaster/juicer (so make sure you have lots in there if you have a walk-in-pantry)
  • Charging station for handheld vacuums


  • Washing machine/dryer
  • Iron
  • Extra to use as a charging base for any appliances


  • USB chargers
  • Power for modem, external hard drives to charge, printer, lamps
  • 2 doubles per computer (think about their position, can you have them under bench to hide all cords?)


  • Behind each side table (2 x doubles per room)
  • Behind a dresser
  • TV position? Possibly up high if you’re mounting it
  • Vacuum point


  • Inside a vanity drawer for hair dryer/straightener.
  • In medicine cabinet for electric toothbrush and razor
  • Heated towels rails?

The easiest way to work out how many power points you will need to install in a new build or renovation is to sit down with a pen and paper and write down all the items that will need power in each room. You are best off getting double power points (with two outlets on each) to minimise the space taken up. Once you’ve noted each item, allocate enough power points to cover that room, then add one or two more – for occasional use by things like the vacuum cleaner or phone chargers. If you follow those tips, you should be set for power supply in the house – just make sure to tell your builder and electrician what your plans are!


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