What type of property are you looking for?

Home ownership remains “the great Australian dream”, regardless of whether it is for investment or residential purposes. Some people prefer houses; others might be looking for a unit, townhouse or villa.

Choosing the property type is just the first of the decisions. How many bedrooms do you need? How many bathrooms? Do you need a car space or a garage? Would you like a garden or prefer a terrace, and what size kitchen do you require?

All these need to be considered so that properties you look for meet your needs.

Then you need to think about where you want to live. Your budget might help that decision, but you still need to consider proximity to schools, transport, shops and sporting facilities to ensure the property suits your lifestyle or, if it is an investment, those you expect as tenants.

When searching for a property, it’s good to select a property with at least one unique feature. It could be a renovated bathroom, large kitchen, original Federation fixtures or beautiful landscaped grounds. Different properties are harder to replace, so historically they have a higher resale value.