• This is a free service that connect all your utilities

  • Our FREE connection service takes the stress out of organising the connections of all your services such as electricity, gas and water whilst finding valueable savings throught our strong relationship with our suppliers.

    Once COmpare & Connect has received your application we will make all reasonable efforts to contact you within 24 hours of the nearest business day to identify how we can help.

  • Unless I have opted out below, I: consent to the disclosure of information on this form to Compare & Connect

    1. That you accept the Compare & Connect Terms and Conditions that may be accessed at www.compareconnect.com.au.
    2. You authorise and invite Compare & Connect to contact you by telephone,email,text message, MMS or any other forrm of communication in order to provide the services requested by you even if your details are registered on the requested service
    3. That Compare & Connect may share your details with their suppliers and service providers in order to facilitate the connection and/or disconnection of the requested service
    4. That Compare & Connect may receive a fee from the supplier and service provides part of which may be paid to a Compae & Connect referal parther, and you are not entitled to any pat of any such fee
    5. That Compare & Connect does not accept any liability on behalf of the suppliers and providers
    6. You further authorise Compare & Connect to:

    7. Obtain the National Metering indentitier and/or Meter installation Reference Number of the propeties that you are vacatging and/or relocating to
    8. Contact you with future promotions and offers
  • you warrant that you are authorised to make this application and provide the invitation consents, acknowledgments,authorisations and undertaking set out in this application form on behalf o all of the applicants listed herein

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