Tips for Selling Furniture and Homewares Online

If you don’t like to hoard, or are due for a big clean up then why not sell some of your stuff online – more cash in your pocket!

Sites like Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or eBay are perfect places to start.

Don’t sell everything at once

If you have a garage full of junk, or a bursting linen cupboard, don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to list and sell everything all at once. A few things at a time is better to handle.

There are no seasons

There is no right time to sell furniture or homewares. You just need to start. There is always someone looking around to purchase a bargain.


Be realistic. You cannot worry about what you paid for it originally. That’s gone, you’ve used it, and it’s over. For example, you may have paid $800 for that dining table, but you can now buy a new one from those big warehouse stores for $300. If you’re not getting likes, comments or offers, then it will always be because you’re comparing what you want for it with what you paid for it years ago.

Turn the filters off

Don’t put filters or lighten/darker your photos. Take photos of the item in natural light and leave them as is. Take lots of photos too. Different angles and measurements will show the buyer you’re keen to get rid of it. If the furniture has any little marks or scratches then be fair and add those photos to the listing. If it needs a new coat of paint, or a sand back then offer this information up in the listing.

Never sell grubby stuff

Don’t sell throw cushions, blankets, dusty furniture that’s dirty. Wash it, clean it, give it a bit of love. After all, you’re asking for someone to give you money for it so it’s best to present the item in good faith.

Keep an eye on your listing

Always watch the listing. Check for comments and messages. Answer as soon as you can because you might jag that sale quicker. Get the buyer to come and pick the item up asap.


Be prepared to take a lesser offer if you’re keen to get rid of it. Better to have a few extra $$ and the item gone than stuck with it. You’ll have more time to move on to the next item to sell!


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