The Value In Presentation When Re-Letting?

In a competitive market, the value in how your property is presented to prospective tenants can not be dismissed. Think of it in much the same terms as selling a property. You
need to differentiate your property from the others or at least be competitive in terms of presentation, features and price. A prospective tenant, like a buyer, needs to perceive value.

A well maintained and presented property is going to attract more interest that one that has loose gutters, a messy yard and is not priced competitively.

Whether leasing for the first time or re-letting a property, investors will attract quality tenants and a premium rent with a basic checklist;

• Maintenance and safety issues are rectified
• Gardens are made as low maintenance as possible eg bark chipping for weed and moisture control
• A watering system is available
• Power saving devices are introduced
• Window furnishings are climate appropriate and low care
• Heating and cooling are available

Marketing your property’s attributes is no hit and miss affair – there is a strategy employed to ensure your property reaches the right people via a number of medium.

Prospective tenants do the majority of their research on-line and as a result, will dismiss a poorly presented property that ticks the right boxes over one that is visually appealing and is priced the
same or similarly. At PRDnationwide we encourage all investors to invest in professional photography and optional floor plans for the marketing of their properties.

Our in-house photographer provides PRDnationwide investors with a special rate for the images. These are a tax deduction and are able to be re-used for future vacancies.

Speak to your Property Manager about the impact professional imagery has had on listings in terms of attracting enquiry and inspections. You’ll be surprised at the overall returns you will receive on your investment!


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