The Block 2020: Master Ensuite Reveals

Luke and Jasmin | Week 4 | Master Ensuite

SCORE 29/30 
The stunning curved wall, white tiles and circular skylight from Velux all came together to make what is a beautiful Master Ensuite from Luke and Jasmin. Wow.  The curved wall is a trend we have started to see on The Block this year, and it is likely to continue. The black bath was a perfect compliment to the more subtle, beachy type white colour palette in the Master Ensuite.  More importantly, Darren, Shaynna and Neale think this bathroom will appeal to the buyer as it has such an emotional connection.

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 4 |  Master Ensuite

SCORE 28 +1 with gnome = 29/30
Once again the colour palette and the tile choice was bold by Jimmy and Tam, but it worked. The pink tiles were a real statement piece in the Master Ensuite. Their vanity and everything around it was a stunning choice, with nude coloured basins that were a hit with the judges.  The vanity works perfectly with the bed and bedside tables in the Master Bedroom.  Jimmy and Tam separated their Master Ensuite to their Walk In Robe, which was great news for the judges – they listened to the feedback after last week’s disaster.  A return to form for the Brisbane married couple.

Sarah and George | Week 4 | Master Ensuite

SCORE 28.5 / 30
The Western Sydney married couple had a tough week on The Block, after Sarah’s grandmother passed away. With the help of their trades, they rallied together to deliver a beautiful and spacious Master Ensuite bathroom.  The tile choices from Beaumont Tiles, including the soft pink and grey, were praised by the judges. In total there were four tile choices by Sarah and George, which Shaynna generally hates. But it works. Full points to Sarah and George for installing a smart toilet, the way of the future.  They nearly got the win, perhaps it will be next week when things really start to turn around.

Harry and Tash | Week 4 | Master Ensuite

SCORE 28.5 /30
The three tiles choices of dark green, terrazzo and white from Beaumont Tiles were praised by the judges. Harry and Tash’s bath they named Deliah was also a huge hit. Just stunning.  Darren Palmer believed Harry and Tash got just the right mix of luxury and nod to the 1920s period this week.  Shaynna loved Tash’s styling, including the rose pink towel and flowers. Lovely touches in what was a very successful week for the Melbourne father and daughter.  The Master Ensuite complimented their winning Master Bedroom from last week just perfectly.

Daniel and Jade | Week 4| Master Ensuite

SCORE 28 /30
Bathrooms on The Block are all about tile choices, and Daniel and Jade got it right this week with their beautiful fish scale tiles. A prefect nod to the 1930s.  The glamorous bath was also a huge plus for Daniel and Jade. In a sentimental touch, Jade added some slippers as part of her styling, however Darren Palmer wasn’t that impressed.  The huge Velux skylights were also amazing. Daniel and Jade had a massive Mater Ensuite this week, and with 28/30 any other week it could have taken the win, but they finished at the bottom of the leader board.

What did you think this week?

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Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.