The Block 2020: Lounge and Dining Room Reveals

Harry and Tash | Week 7 | Living and Dining Reveal

Score 28 ½ /30
A stunning result for the Melbourne father and daughter, as they take out their second room win after the Master Bedroom in Week 3 on The Block.  All three judges were impressed with the sheer size of the living and dining space in the 1920s House No1, it’s the biggest on The Block. Shaynna loved the sofa from Freedom in the living room and the tables on the chairs.  There was a lot of issues with the painting of the huge architectural void with Harry repeatedly clashing with Foreman Keith over it, but in the end the hard work paid off – the judges loved it.  Harry and Tash are building confidence as The Block continues, but will it last?

Daniel and Jade | Week 7| Living and Dining Reveal

Score 28 / 30
The curved wall with its unique texture was something Daniel in particular was very proud of this week. He wanted to show the viewers at home just how easy it is to create such a stunning, individual feature.  All throughout the series Daniel and Jade from South Australia have wanted to create a house perfect for the family, and their Living and Dining room was exactly that. The judges thought the two rooms mirrored their kitchen they delivered last week beautifully. Also that Christian Cole table, what a work of art! So once again Daniel and Jade came close to winning the week, but not close enough.

Sarah and George | Week 7  Living and Dining Reveal

Score 25 / 30 
The fireplace was a huge hit with the judges, but overall it was a mixed week for Sarah and George when it comes to the judging.  The white washed bricks were a personal favourite of Sarah, but the judges had mixed feelings. The biggest issue Darren, Shaynna and Neale had was they didn’t feel Sarah and George had that all-important emotional connection.  That was the only thing that was really lacking. Sarah in particular took the judges comments to heart, but in reality, they are delivering consistent rooms week after week. They just need to take that extra step and get a win.  They certainly deserve it.  George would dearly love for his wife to finally get a win as she is taking the judges feedback hard.

Luke and Jasmin | Week 7|  Living and Dining Reveal

Score 24.5/30 
It was Jasmin’s birthday this week on The Block and all her friends helped her celebrate with a few drinks on site. However it wasn’t to be a week of celebration when it came to the judging. While the judges thought the colour palette was consistent with the rest of the house, they had one major issue – the location of the fireplace in the corner of the room.  They did get some ticks for their furniture choice, including their stunning timber table and chairs.  Jasmin believes the white on white colour palette will be a hit with the buyers on that all important auction day.  Luke and Jasmin definitely have that beachy Hamptons kind of feel down pat as we get closer to the finish line of The Block.

Jimmy and Tam  | Week 7 |  Living and Dining Reveal

Score 21.5/30
They have done so well this year on The Block, so last place feels very unfamiliar for Jimmy and Tam from Brisbane. The biggest issue the judges had was that they had no dining room inside House No.5, a big mistake because buyers in Brighton would expect that of a luxury home. Jimmy and Tam did have the smallest space on The Block to work with, but the judges felt between the kitchen and the living and dining room there was still a bit of wasted space they should have utilised.  Tam’s styling was on point again, but it wasn’t to be this week for the couple.  It will be revealed in coming weeks if they listen to the judges and put in a dining table before auction day.

What did you think this week?

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Images thanks to The Block Shop and nine now.