The Block 2020: Guest Bedroom Reveals

Jimmy and Tam | Week 1 | Guest Bedroom

SCORE 25.5/30

The judges thought Jimmy and Tam just snuck into the 1950s era, concluding their stunning room fitted into 1959 when it came to the inspiration. The room had a very purposeful sense of style, highlighted by the incredible Grafico wallpaper. For the first week on The Block, Tam has already excelled at styling. The Velux skylights were a literally, a highlight. They also loved the secret door into what will be their Guest Ensuite Bathroom, which is an extension of the Kinsman wardrobe. It’s been a very strong start to The Block for Jimmy and Tam, their second win in a row.

Daniel and Jade | Week 1 | Guest Bedroom

SCORE 25/30

Spectacular. That’s the word the Darren, Shaynna and Neale thought best when describing Daniel and Jade’s room delivery. They loved the restoration of the beautiful, original pendant light the couple found in their 1930s house. The Asian influence in the room including the bamboo print was excellent. Daniel and Jade thought hard about their 1930s era this week, and it paid off.

Harry and Tash | Week 1 | Guest Bedroom

SCORE 24/30

After coming last in the House Decider challenge the judges noticed the huge improvement his week for the Melbourne father and daughter. The raised ceilings and Velux skylights were stunning. All the furniture choices by Tash, including the art deco bed head and bedside tables were perfect. Shaynna loved the slippers that Tash put in, what a lovely touch. Their use of space and planning was also praised. Harry and Tash had a tough start to The Block, but they look like they are now hitting their stride.

Sarah and George | Week 1 | Guest Bedroom

SCORE 21/30

The Western Sydney couple delivered not only a guest bedroom but also a home office or study. Shaynna loved the colour palette and the gorgeous bed throw. Shaynna thought, however, the home office or study would have worked better as a walk-in wardrobe. Darren loved the benchtop in the study and the Kinsman wardrobes. Shaynna felt the pair struggled with the 1940s era and Sarah admitted to being a bit confused. Shaynna did, however, have a lot of praise for the execution. A solid start for Sarah and George, but with a lot to improve.

Luke and Jasmin | Week 1 | Guest Bedroom

SCORE 20.5/30

The judges really struggled with Luke and Jasmin’s room this week as they thought it didn’t fit the 1910s era at all. Shaynna believed there should have been more of the timber strapping and panelling in the room and the use of Venetian plaster didn’t fit the era. There were some positives though, Neale thought while it didn’t fit the era it was a beautiful, contemporary room. Darren also loved the colour palette and thought the finishes were promising. Luke and Jasmin came into The Block with a vision of what they wanted to do, a modern, contemporary room. But the era theme has really thrown them. However, they are competitive and determined to do better.

What did you think this week?

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