The Block 2019 Oslo: Guest bedroom 1 reveal (part 2)

Here’s part 2 of the guest bedroom reveals. Part 1 was yesterday and you can see those here.

Check out their efforts below and tell me what you think…


SCORE: 21/30

All three judges loved the simple, understated glamour of Matt and El’ise’s stylish guest bedroom, which came complete with a walk-in robe, ornate fireplace and one absolutely stunning pendant lamp. The couple chose plain white walls to offset their oversized slate-grey bedhead, which worked beautifully with the floral bedlinen, mustard velvet throw, brass bedside tables and ornate mirror above the fireplace. But, arguably, the biggest hero in the room came in the guise of that stunning pendant lamp, which all three judges absolutely adored.

Again, another unfinished room. These rooms look huge. I can’t wait to see what the master will be like if this is just a guest room. I’m not a real fan of the linen on the bed, but I do love the fireplace.


SCORE: 25.5/30

Jesse and Mel took out this year’s very first Room Reveal, picking up the proceeds of the safe in the process – and what a room they revealed!
All three judges loved the couple’s choice of artwork, a stunning Indigenous piece. Mel then picked out the colours in the artwork as furnishings for the bed, which featured dusky pinks, greens and blues. It hit the mark.The couple even ticked another box by ensuring their state-of-the-art television also doubled as a mirror!

These guys won? I guess it was really only out of this room and the boys’ seeing as the rest didn’t finish. I was not in love with this room either! The bed seemed small in comparison to the dark cabinetry. And fabric on the wall? That’s a no from me! Can’t wait to see the bathrooms now…

What did you think? Jesse and Mel unlocked the safe with about 140k worth of goodies. WOW!

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