The Block 2019 Oslo: Ensuite reveal

Don’t you just love looking at bathrooms? I always love these reveals. I am a big fan of all white so I started getting excited at Deb and Andy’s added floor tile. Stunning.

Check out all the ensuites below…

Mitch & Mark

SCORE: 27.5/30

Mitch and Mark hoped to deliver a beautifully understated yet luxe guest ensuite – and boy did they deliver. All three judges loved the simple yet stylish space, which featured several different white tiles all working beautifully together in the pared-back space. Little touches like the use of blue patterned towels added the pop of colour the space needed, and it all added up to create a  near-perfect guest bathroom.

I LOVE the tiles. Even though they cost a bomb. OUCH. What a whack to the budget. These two definitely know what they are doing though.


SCORE: 20/30

Like their guest bedroom, the couple ran out of time to properly complete their guest ensuite – but only just. Despite failing to properly finish all their tiling, they still managed to present a beautiful, simple, yet stylish ensuite space which worked well with the heritage era of the home. Darren was a particular fan. “I love it,” he said. “I think it’s really appropriate, and it works well with the colour scheme we saw next door. I think it feels like the same kind of mood as the bedroom and I really love a feature tile like this against something that is otherwise so white.”

We’ve seen this style many many times before. I don’t hate it, but it doesn’t grab me. Pattern tiles are good though. If you want a feature in your mostly white kitchen then just choose a pattern floor.


SCORE: 28/30

Deb wasn’t sure the judges would love her simple, elegant guest ensuite – but they did, awarding the couple their first win of the series. In fact, Neale loved their room so much he said he wanted to “pick it up and put it in my home!” And you can’t get higher praise than that. All three judges particularly loved that the couple had finished everything to an extremely high standard, and that the design was on-point and simple, yet mature and elegant.

Loved it the second I saw it! The girls in the office and I picked this as the winning room even before we saw the scores. I am so glad Deb just sticks with what she’s comfortable with. This style will suit a whole range of buyers. I need to copy this bathroom! Love the ledge and the square tiles.


SCORE: 22/30

Like their stunning guest bedroom, El’ise and Matt presented a luxurious deco-inspired ensuite, which featured white “vaguely mid-century” wall tiles, a grey floor, black fittings and fixtures and another beautiful pendant light. Although the space was small, it had everything needed to make it both functional and visually pleasing. The hero of the room was undoubtedly the pedestal basin, which had been positioned central to the room, complete with its own custom-made wooden drawers.

Definitely a stunner of a sink. The tiles are gorgeous and the ledge is a winner. I hope that sink doesn’t get wet every time you shower!


SCORE: 14/30

They absolutely wowed the judges with their near-perfect guest bedroom. But unfortunately due to an unforeseen situation with their floor, Jesse and Mel were unable to complete their ensuite bathroom – and the judges were not impressed. Had they managed to finish their room, they would have presented a bathroom with a central bath situated beneath a grey-tinged marble feature wall.

What a shame they didn’t finish. The only team with a bath too! This is a very big space. I’ll be interested to see how the layout of the rest of the house falls in to place.

What did you think of the ensuites this week?

You can see the guest bedrooms here.