STREET TALK: Crampton Street with Ryan

– G’day Ryan Smith at PRD and welcome to Street Talk, we’re in the beautiful picturesque street of Crampton Street located right here in Central Wagga. Let’s go and have a look.

Crampton Street in Wagga Wagga is one of the original Streets in the City included in the first survey in 1849, named after one of the fellow officers in the 95th Regiment, Jeremiah Crampton. It’s located between the banks of the river and the Murrumbidgee Turf Club. And with some zonings of R1, R3 and B5 properties there is 187 properties located in the Street. They’re a mixture of business, medium density units, townhouses, original cottages, and beautiful homes.

The highest sale on Crampton Street is $750,000.

Well, that’s it for another episode of Street Talk. If you’ve got a street in mind that you’d like us to cover, drop us an inbox or put a comment in the Facebook post.