STREET TALK: Yathong Street with Toby

– Hi guys, Toby here from PRD. We are here for another episode of Street Talk.

We’re in Yathong Street this week. Let’s take a look. Yathong Street was named after Yathong Station. Aboriginal meaning sandhill. It was located in the Jerilderie Shire, approximately 19 kilometers from the town of Jerilderie on the Urana Road. The original Yathong Station was taken up as a cattle run. The Station, being on the Urana Road, was the scene of some exciting incidents in the old coaching days. In 1860’s, two bushrangers, held up the homestead, shot one of the workers, after an argument about a woman, who had been insulted by the bushrangers. They were caught later, and each received 14 years servitude.

Thanks for watching guys. Tune in next week for another episode of Street Talk.


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