STREET TALK: We’re in Bourkelands with Michelle

– Hi, I’m Michelle Wilcox. For this week’s episode of “Street Talk”, we’re going do something a little bit different, and look at the whole suburb of Bourkelands.

Bourkelands is a relatively new suburb, nestled between Tatton and Lloyd, just south of the Wagga CBD. It’s a really nice, family friendly suburb, dotted with walkways, and surrounded by a terrific walking track with a huge park oval in the middle.

The streets in Bourkelands are named after important pastoral homesteads in the region, including the name of Bourkeland itself, which was named after the original homestead on the site of the now-suburb. It was named in 1988, when the zoning changed to residential and it was subdivided into house plots. Prior to that, the owner ran a horse stud on the side.

Bourkelands is now been fully developed, with only a couple of vacant lots still remaining, and has lovely, affordable homes, proving huge, stunning properties in the Hilltop area.

Thanks for watching this week’s episode of Street Talk. We’ll see you next time.


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