STREET TALK: Tompson St, Wagga Wagga

 G’day, Luke Gerhardy from PRDnationwide in Wagga, and welcome to “Street Talk”. Today, we’re in lovely Tompson Street.

The western end here in Tompson Street is predominantly residential, with the eastern end being commercial and industrial. Let’s go take a look around. Tompson Street was named after Frederick Anslow Tompson who, after arriving in about 1843 from Gundagai, was one of the outstanding figures in the early life of Wagga Wagga. Frederick Tompson had also been a leader in town and district, a squatter in 1832, the JP in 1847, a postmaster in 1849, and a businessman in the 1850s and 1860s. He had, in fact, influenced almost every aspect of town life, and that’s why they named Tompson Street after him.

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