STREET TALK: Springvale Drive with Michelle

– Hi, and welcome to another episode of Street Talk. Today, we’re going to show you around Springvale drive. We’re going to show you the whole street and also a special little surprise of the Springvale homestead, which was the original house that the Street was named after. Come have a look around.

Springvale Drive was named after the rural property, SPRINGVALE, which still exists today set back from the road. We were lucky enough to be shown around the old Homestead, which has been lovingly cared for and restored over the years. 90 acres of land surrounding Springvale Drive was originally owned by Edward Angel .

We believe part of the home was built and located a few kilometers closer to town in the 1860s, but later moved into its current position and added on to around 1910. At Springvale, there was a very large dam which was often called the Little Lake. There was an island in the center on which stood a windmill that pumped water to the garden.

The current owners now have only one and a half acres, with the rest being subdivided over the years. They have lived in the Springvale Homestead since the early 80s.

The start of Springvale Drive off Plumpton Road now extends all the way through to Brindabella Drive with a mix of large houses on acreage, some good-sized residential blocks and units at the very end.

Thanks for watching today’s episode of Street Talk. If you’ve got any more information on Springvale Drive, or you’d like us to come to your Street next time, leave a message below, or give me a call. So, thanks for watching to us.


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