STREET TALK: Plunkett Drive with Jayde

– Hi, it’s Jayde from PRDnationwide. Welcome to another week’s episode of Street Talk.

We are here today at Plunkett Drive.

Plunkett Drive in Lake Albert was named after Father Wilf Plunkett. Born in Albury on October 9, 1927, Wilf Plunkett joined the priesthood at the age of 27.

Described as a roll-up-the-sleeve kind of priest, Father Plunkett is credited with building Mater Dei Primary School in 1990, and paving the way for Mater Dei Catholic College in 2004.

Very early on he saw the need to build more Catholic services in Lake Albert, and this led him to being part of the development of Mater Dei Primary and Mater Dei Catholic College.

People stated at the time, “But nobody lives there.” But look at it now.

Father Plunkett has always been generous with his time to others.

Plunkett Drive starts off Gregadoo Road and follows Lake Albert around with many new prestige homes. The highest sale price for a property was just over $1 million in 2018, and the average sale price is 860,000.

Thank you for watching this week’s episode of Street Talk. If you’d like us to walk through your street please let us know.


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