STREET TALK: Morgan Street, Wagga Wagga

– Hi, it’s Jayde from PRDnationwide and welcome to this week’s episode of Street Talk. We’re here today at Morgan street. Come and have a look.

Morgan’s street was named after Dr. Allan Bradley Morgan, who was the first permanent medical practitioner to practice in Wagga Wagga. Dr. Morgan dispensed all sorts of medicines at his residence until 1859 when he erected a dispensary at the corner of Gurwood and Trail street near the Commercial Hotel. He attended a wide area and gave great satisfaction to his patients. Generally, Dr. Morgan was inundated with work. He was devoted to the Wagga-based Hospital and his personal and collected contributions to its funds were quite considerable.

Dr. Allan Bradley Morgan is today remembered as Wagga’s first resident doctor.

Today, Morgan street is a very prominent central street in Wagga, which is a mix of business, recreation, accommodation and medical precincts.

The eastern end hosts Bolton Park Sporting Complex, the Oasis Swimming Centre, with the Marketplace entrance in between.

Through the middle of the street, you’ll find a mix of businesses, residential houses and medical offices.

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