STREET TALK: Lyndoch Place with Ryan


– G’day, Ryan Smith, PRD, And this is the last episode of Street Talk 2019.

Welcome to Lyndoch Place in Bourkelands. This street here just looks like a normal average street, with 18 houses in it, but come Christmas time, it lights up. Absolutely fitting for this, with thousands of people walking around, I can’t wait to show you Lyndoch Place.

Lyndoch Place is part of the suburb Bourkelands which is commonly marketed by real estate agents and developers as the hilltop estate. It’s a rapidly developing suburb and consists predominately of family homes and housing for military staff at the nearby RAAF base and the Army Recruitment Training Center.

In Lyndoch Place today the highest selling price is $540 000 and the average sale being $361 000. There are 18 houses in this street and no units. With the school catchments zones of Red Hill Public School, and Mount Austin High School, 86% of the street is owner occupied and 14% rented.

– How amazing’s Lyndoch Place ladies and gentlemen? Hope you loved this series of Street Talk, wishing you a very merry Christmas and a happy 2020.