STREET TALK: Lord Baden-Powell Drive with Amanda

– Hi, I’m Amanda Tilyard from PRD real estate. Welcome to another episode of Street Talk and today I’m here at Lord Baden Powell Drive.

– Lord Baden Powell Drive over Willans Hill Reserve was named after Robert Baden-Powell. He was the man who founded the Scout Movement more than 100 years ago. Lord Baden Powell was a distinguished British soldier and gained fame as a result of his leadership.

Lord Baden Powell established the Boy Scout Movement in 1908 continuing thereafter as World Chief Scout, and was awarded a Knighthood in 1922. Lady Olave Baden-Powell, his widow, fostered the Girl Guide Movement and she visited Wagga Wagga on several occasions as guest of the local Girl Guides Association.

This thoroughfare was named in his honour in 1957 with an archway erected over the western end of Lord Baden Powell Drive.

Thanks for listening to another episode of Street Talk. If you would like us to visit a Street near you please give us a call.


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