STREET TALK: Lewington St, Bomen

Hi, I’m Amanda Tilyard from PRD Real Estate and I’m here today at Lewington Street in Bomen. What a foggy day it is!

My great-great-grandfather, Archibald Lewington, surveyed New South Wales looking for the best farming land he could buy. He decided to settle within The Rock and Uranquinty area. There, he purchased Texas, which is still in the family today. My grandfather’s brother, Fred, purchased a property here at Bomen. His daughter Janette Lewington married Geoff Wilks and they’re still farming in this area today.

The precinct has an area of around 4,100 hectares with 300 hectares already developed as a part of the Bomen Business Park.

The Wagga Special Activation Precinct here at Bomen will capitalize on the inland rail and focus on advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, and freight and logistics.

The purchase of the land by the Wagga City Council will align with the New South Wales Government strategies to create one of the state’s most attractive precincts for industrial investment, which will drive economic development and job creation of the Wagga region. If you’ve got any more information about the streets of Bomen, we’d love to hear from you, give us a call.

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