STREET TALK: Kellie takes us for a look around Flinders Street, Turvey Park

– Welcome to another episode of “Street Talk.” This week we’re on Flinders Street, come and have a look around.

Flinders Street in Turvey Park was named after Matthew Flinders. He was an early Australian navigator and explorer, who chartered a great portion of the Australian coastline. With George Bass, they sailed around Van Diemen’s Land, now Tasmania, in their small boat, “Tom Thumb,” and proved it as an Island in 1798. In 1802, Matthew Flinders circumnavigated the entire coastline of Australia. Flinders Street was possibly named after a street of the same name in Melbourne. The highest sell price for Flinders Street was reported in 2017 at 762,500, and the average is 325,000. PRD currently has 26 Flinders Street listed for sale with Amanda Tilyard.

Thanks for watching, and if you’ve got a street you’d like us to visit, leave a note in the comments.


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